Can a felon on probation be sent back to jail for sexual harrassemrnt?

My ex boss was constantly making sexual jokes in from of myself and patients, male and female alike. I warned him several time and so did his patients. I have since left his employ, so now what he has done is wrongfully accused me of writing narcotic prescriptions for myself. he filed a complaint with a twp police department, they tossed it out so he went to the count sheriff. They through it out as it is an untruth. it all stems from me walking out on him and being able to get unemployment,. I filed suit with the Civil rights commision. They have now accepted the case. They would only let me give one incident to file, yet there are multiple . Will I be able to bring the rest up at mediation? What happens now. FYI, he was red flagged by the DEA because he orded himself 2 bottle of 100 tabs of norco. I signed it in from UPS, He tried to put it on me. He is scrambling as he is at the moment on probation for ethnic intimidation until 7-2014Anyone have an answer?

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It sounds like your boss is taking some form of retaliation against you for confronting him about his inappropriate sexual conduct. A whistle-blower is considered to be someone who comes forward with the wrongful actions of an employer or employee within the workplace. In the United States, whistle-blowers are protected by the law, and therefore it is illegal for an employer to treat you poorly as a result of your coming forward, or in this case confronting him. It appears as though he did not take action against you while you were still under his leadership, though now he is accusing you of a variety of illegal acts, things in which you claim you did not commit. Considering the many details involved in your situation, it is imperative that you hire a criminal defense attorney who can help you uncover the truth and fight for it. At The Federal Practice Group we not only have experience in criminal defense, but also in employment law all over the world. We not only could help you fight for your innocence, but also address the issues of the sexual harassment in the workplace that left you to quit your job in the first place. No one deserves to work in that kind of environment, call us today we want to fight for you!

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