Internet Sex Crimes

Using the internet to lure or entice a minor, to commit child pornography or to commit any other sexual offense can result in severe penalties. Internet sex crimes against minors in particular are harshly prosecuted and a conviction will likely result in a state or federal prison sentence, sex offender registration, fines, probation and other penalties.Sex offender registration is a lifetime label which will affect where an offender will be able to work and live. Being classified as a sex offender will result in a damaged reputation and difficulty in obtaining employment and even certain loans.

An example of an internet sex crime would be an adult logging into a chat room in order to talk to a minor and encourage him or her to meet and conduct in sexual activity of some sort. Another example would be distributing, selling or purchasing pornography depicting a minor. A registered sex offender may also face serious criminal charges for using the internet to look at child pornography or to attempt to contact children.

Why Computer/Internet Sex Crime Cases Are Complex

Any computer sex crime case will require ample research and the use of experts in the field of computer forensics. The concept of hacking alone, for example, may bring about the possibility that a defendant was entirely unaware that his or her computer contained pornographic material depicting children. It may be questioned whether the defendant was actually using the computer at the time that a supposed conversation was going on with a minor. These issues and all aspects of a case must be thoroughly investigated. Because criminal intent must be proven by the prosecuting attorney, every scenario should be considered.

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