Luring a Minor

A non-custodial adult who encourages, persuades, entices or otherwise lures a minor from his or her home may face criminal charges in most states. Luring of a minor charges may involve other crimes such as internet sex crimes, stalking, harassment, sexual abuse and even kidnapping. When luring a minor involves sexual offenses, this may result in severe penalties for the person facing the charges. Even the attempt to lure a child may result in criminal charges, whether or not this attempt was successful.

Every state will have its own interpretation of the definition of luring or enticing a minor. Penalties will vary as well. In California, for example, a defendant may face criminal charges for luring a minor if he or she stands accused of:

  • Attempting or actually luring a minor under the age of 14 from his or her home for the purpose of engaging in some form of sexual activity, when committed by an adult over the age of 21.

Using the Internet to Lure a Minor

In modern times, many cases of this kind involve the use of the internet to lure a minor from his or her home. An alleged offender may be accused of meeting the minor in a chat room or of using social networking sites to befriend minors. After earning their trust, they may be accused of attempting to meet the minor somewhere in an attempt to commit a sex crime against the minor.

Penalties for luring a minor, as well as the specific definition and circumstances of this offense, will vary depending on the state. The nature of the crime, whether the minor was injured or sexually abused and the defendant's criminal record may all affect sentencing in a case of this kind.

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