Latest News 2010 April Gang Rapists Appeal is Denied Again

Gang Rapists Appeal is Denied Again

Justices in the California Court of Appeals based in Santa Ana denied a formal request today to reconsider their decision to uphold the convictions of three men who were found guilty of sexually assaulting a minor in July of 2002. The rapists tried to use as legal defense the proposal that had the girl been conscious at the time, she would have given her consent. The justices' view was that it is extremely difficult to evaluate whether one would give consent to something when they are either sick, unable to stand, walk or have passed out.

The charges stem from an incident in which Gregory Scott Haidil, Kyle Joseph Nachreiner, and Keith James Spann gave alcohol to a sixteen year old girl, got her high, and after she passed out they stripped her and video taped  their sexual exploits with her.

An Orange County jury found The Haidl case defendants guilty and they served prison sentences.  As a final note, the Orange County Register recently published an interview with Nachreiner, one of the defendants, where he stated that he's been punished too severely and does not regret his conduct on the evening of the crime.

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