Latest News 2010 June Man Violates Probation in Ohio and Gets Jail Time

Man Violates Probation in Ohio and Gets Jail Time

In Youngstown, Ohio, it is reported that a man by the name of John Houser who's son is accused of murdering an elderly woman now stands accused of probation violation.  Houser's son, Jamar, was recently accused of killing senior citizen by the name of Angeling Fimognari outside of Saint Dominic's Church last January.

Since he violated his probation, Houser was sent back to prison.  He was sentenced to serve 10 months of jail time.

Before being ordered back to jail, Houser was spotted by his probation officer driving a vehicle without a license.  Houser also tested positive for marijuana and cocaine, which is a direct violation of the terms of his probation.

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