Latest News 2010 March Fight Leads to Shooting Death in California

Fight Leads to Shooting Death in California

A man has been arrested on murder charges after he got into an altercation with another man at a party, left the party, and then came back and shot the man he was fighting with.

According to KTLA news, Steven Ronald Honma, 54, and Norman Schureman, 50, were at the same Persian New Year's party when the murder took place. Police believe Schureman made some type of remark to Honma's wife that propelled Honma to become angry. It was after that remark was made that Honma left the party and returned with the shotgun, which he then fired into Schureman's torso.

Schureman died at UCLA Medical Center the next day.

The homicide was the first reported killing in Westlake Village, a suburb on the outskirts of Los Angeles County, since January 2007.

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