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Wife Tries to Take a Hit Out on Her Husband

Recently, a wife by the name of Dalia Dippolito was placed on house arrest by a Florida judge after being accused of trying to take out a hit on her husband.  Despite being caught, Dippolito and her attorney were able to convince a judge that she should be placed on house arrest instead of being held in prison.  In addition to being placed on house arrest, 26 year old Dippolito was also ordered to pay a bond of $25,000.

At this time, the Dippolito is facing criminal charges for trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband.  Palm Beach police say that the young wife has been charged with solicitation of first degree murder.  Dippolito has also been ordered to stay far away from her husband, 38 year old Michael Dippolito.

Police were able to tape conversations that Dippolito had with her would-be hit man.  During conversations, the two plotted the murder of her husband.  On the tape, Dippolita said that she was, "5,000 percent sure" that she wanted to move forward with the plans to kill her husband.  She also provided a time and an alibi for the murder.  After discussions, Dippolito gave the hit man (an undercover cop) $1,200 for a down payment.  

When Michael Dipplito was asked about the hit on his life, he said that he was shocked that his wife wanted to have him killed.  He then said, "I'd lay down in bed at night and I knew something was wrong."

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