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Man Charged with Domestic Violence and More

A man in the Castle Rock, Colorado area who is being accused of shooting his wife has reportedly been charged with first-degree assault and domestic violence. Trenton Orendorf could possibly face more charges after the investigation concludes. During the incident, Orendorf reportedly had an 11-hour standoff with officers. The domestic violence incident is still under investigation at this time.        

Domestic violence charges can be incredibly serious and result in consequences such as jail time and heavy fines depending on the situation. It’s important that you understand what you are being charged with and how you should go about resolving this matter. You do have rights to protect during this difficult time and options to do so. Begin the process of moving forward with your life.
It’s in your best interest to work with a criminal defense lawyer who will understand your case and be able to guide you through this difficult process. A defense attorney will know how to deal with court proceedings and any other aspects necessary. You can count on a defense lawyer to always have your best interest in mind while fighting to protect your rights. Please take some time today to contact a criminal defense attorney and begin discussing the details of your case.