Latest News 2012 June Sandusky Trial Updates: Victims Testify about Sexual Assaults

Sandusky Trial Updates: Victims Testify about Sexual Assaults

Jerry Sandusky, a former Penn State football coach, has been in the spotlight and making headlines recently, but not for a football victory or a notable achievement. The older gentleman has been charged with 52 counts of sexual abuse, which could cause him a lifetime in prison if convicted. Recently, witnesses and victims have stood before the court in trial and explained the vile things that Sandusky did to them when they were children.

Most of the boys that he has allegedly assaulted attended summer camps at The Second Mile. The Second Mile was Sandusky's camp and organization for at-risk kids in Pennsylvania, where he supposedly helped them to realize their full potential. Now, the façade of The Second Mile has been exposed as more and more boys testify of the atrocities that Sandusky put them through when they were young.

Sandusky has vehemently denied all the charges, saying that he likes ministering to young boys and helping them through difficulties but is not sexually attracted to them. Victim number 5 told the court room that Sandusky exposed himself in a Penn State Sauna and then sexually abused the child when he was in fifth grade in a shower at Penn state. Today, a Penn State janitor also took to the witness stand and talked of the day that he was doing his nightly cleaning and noticed two pairs of legs in the shower. He said that he waited for them to leave and later saw Sandusky leave with a young boy. Both of them had wet hair.

Another victim says that he was only 11 when Sandusky took him down to his basement and assaulted him. The authorities have determined that 10 boys were sexually abused when they were young by this man. As the trial rages on, more and more people are coming forward to show the illegalities of what Sandusky has supposedly done. If guilty on all counts, Sandusky faces 500 years in prison.

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