Charles Crafts, Attorney at Law Articles Boise Man Given 25 Years in Prison for Sexual Abuse

Boise Man Given 25 Years in Prison for Sexual Abuse

By Charles Crafts, Attorney at Law  Mar. 16, 2012 11:58a

Karate Teacher Sent to Prison For Abusing Two Young Children

Between the years of 2007 and 2011, T.K. was convicted of having sexual contact with two children in a home in Boise, Idaho. During the case, no evidence was given regarding abuse towards the students he instructed. T.K. pled guilty to lewd conduct as well as sexual abuse of a minor. Although he was given a sentence of 25 years in prison by the 4th District Judge, he is able to apply for parole after serving 10 years of his sentence.

The case changed over the months, as T.K. was first charged with five incidents of lewd conduct with a minor. However, four of these charges against him were dropped and a charge of sexual abuse was added. The investigation began when someone approached the police saying they believed that abuse was going on. Because of this, investigators were able to determine that T.K. had indeed had sexual contact with the two victims on numerous occasions. It was also determined that T.K. knew his victims.

Sex Crimes in Boise, Idaho

Sex crimes of any kind are taken very seriously in Idaho. Whether it is sexual assault, marital rape, molestation, statutory rape, prostitution, pandering, or child abuse, those convicted can be facing very serious penalties. As with T.K. who received 25 years in prison, offenders can be given lengthy prison sentences and forced to pay large fines. Sadly, not everyone who is accused of a sex crime is guilty. In some cases it is a matter of one person's word against another.

Perhaps one of the most damaging results of a conviction is being placed on the sex offender registry. This public record has photographs, addresses, and details of the offense of each sex offender throughout the country. This can restrict where they can live as well as what type of job they can have.

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