Charles Crafts, Attorney at Law Articles Woman Charged With Keeping Meth in Reach of Children

Woman Charged With Keeping Meth in Reach of Children

By Charles Crafts, Attorney at Law  Oct. 13, 2011 2:49p

Police Find Drugs While Searching Boise Home for Felon on the Run

Local Idaho law enforcement agents arrested a suspect on Thursday after discovering several children in her care that they allege were exposed to methamphetamine use.

The suspect, a local resident of Boise, was charged with multiple crimes in the aftermath of her arrest, including possession of a controlled substance, felony injury to children, and harboring a known fugitive. She could face serious consequences should she be convicted of any of these offenses.

Investigators had received information that led them to believe the suspect was allowing a wanted felon to stay in her house while hiding from police. Agents with the Idaho Department of Probation and Parole were seeking to arrest the felon, a thirty-year old woman from nearby Jerome County, for violating the terms of her parole.

After discovering the location of her alleged hiding spot, Boise police were dispatched to Orchard Road in the Cassia Street neighborhood to search for her. They arrived at the suspect's home at approximately six in the evening, demanded entrance after displaying their search warrant, and began conducting an examination of the home.

Children in Suspect's Care Allegedly Witnessed Repeated Usage of Meth

While investigating the lead, law enforcement officers noticed drug paraphernalia scattered throughout the house. Their findings include what is alleged to be a gram of methamphetamine, as well as a glass pipe containing meth residue, in addition to other unnamed items.

These materials were confiscated by the officers, who noted that they were all kept in the open, within reach of the two children living with the suspect, both under the age of ten. Police also believe that the woman regularly smoked meth in their presence.

Officers eventually found the fugitive and took her into custody. The suspect was also placed under arrest, charged with endangering the children in her care, as well as for drug possession. If convicted, she could face up to ten years in prison.

It is not clear what relationship the suspect has with the children. They are reported to have been placed in the care of a relative.

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