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Prosecutors Realize Suspect Can only be Charged with Misdemeanor Assault in Homicide Case

Murder charges against a Dallas man were dismissed recently after prosecutors realize he had already accepted plea deal for misdemeanor assault in the same case. S.B., 61 years old, was taken into ...

Texas High School Teacher Arrested for Sexting

Sexting, which involves sending and receiving text messages containing sexual images or material, has led to the arrest and charges against a Colleyville Heritage High School teacher.

Dallas Police Officers Arrested for Perjury

On March 1, 2013 the Dallas News reported the arrest of two Dallas police officers who apparently committed perjury as well as tampering with evidence in area drug cases.

Texas Man Indicted Under New Federal Law

A Texas man is the first person to be indicted under a new federal law which was signed into effect by President Obama on February 14, 2012.

Texas Man Accused of Killing Drunk Driver

Earlier this month, a Houston father was charged in the murder of a drunk driver who killed his two sons. The two boys, aged 12 and 11, were helping their father push his stalled pickup truck along ...

Former Dallas Police Officer Convicted of Fraud

A former Dallas police officer who worked at Crime Stoppers for seven years was convicted of wire fraud and tax evasion in connection with the program.

Texas Drug Penalties You May Not Know About

If you are arrested and charged with possession of an illegal drug in the state of Texas, such as marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, or other narcotics, you may be charged with a misdemeanor or ...

Felony Charges Assessed against Teens for Graffiti Offenses

Five teens were taken into custody last month in connection to a series of property damage incidents involving graffiti. A total of 13 property damage incidents including spray paint on cars, signs ...

Suspect Arrested for Fraud Crime against Elderly

Dallas police recently took a man into custody who is accused of swindling several elderly individuals out of large sums of cash. Police initially began looking for a tall man approximately in his 40s ...

Credit Card Abuse Charges for Using Your Own Card?

Credit card abuse is generally regarded as a fraud crime. It is considered a crime under Texas criminal law when he or she does any of the following actions.

Traffic Stop Turns Serious as Driver Attempts to Evade Arrest

The incident began when a 35-year-old man was pulled over by two police officers for a traffic violation. The driver, R.E., was stopped around 9:30 at night near a South Dallas intersection.

Two Police Officers Sentenced for Shooting and Burning Man

According to information on the FBI web site, at the end of last month, one former New Orleans police officer and a current officer were both sentenced for the shooting death and burning of a civilian ...

California Man Sentenced to Prison for Fraudulent Job Scam

A 40-year-old man from California was recently sentenced to six years in prison for fraud.

Pre-File Investigations: Prevention as a form of Criminal Defense

Even before formal charges have been filed against a defendant, with a pre-file investigation a criminal defense attorney may be able help the defendant avoid criminal charges in the first place.

Texas Murder Charges

Murder is the unlawful killing of another human being and is one of the single most serious crimes one can be charged with.

DNA Evidence Frees Texas Man after 30 Years in Prison

On January 4th, Cornelius Dupree, 51, was freed from prison after serving more than 30 years behind bars for a 1979 rape and robbery charge, he did not commit.

Defining Burglary in Texas

Burglary is a felony offense and depending on the facts surrounding the case, a conviction can result in life in prison.

Conspiracy Crimes in Texas

It is a criminal offense for two or more people to conspire to commit a criminal act in the future. In addition, some action must have been carried out, in order to further the completion of the ...

Robbery and Aggravated Robbery Defined

According to Texas statute, robbery is a felony violation where a person commits theft and intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causes bodily injury or places another individual in fear of imminent ...
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