Gounaris Abboud, LPA Articles Cocaine Smugglers Charged With Child Abuse

Cocaine Smugglers Charged With Child Abuse

By Gounaris Denslow Abboud, Co. LPA  Mar. 14, 2011 11:49a

Police Discover 9 Pounds of Pure Cocaine In Car

After a routine traffic stop near Cedar City, Utah police discovered drug smugglers they alleged were working for an organized crime syndicate involved in trafficking cocaine between California to Ohio.

The stop was made by an officer of the Iron County Sherriff’s Office, who noticed the suspects’ van make a lane violation. Sherriff’s Deputy Wade Lee reportedly smelled marijuana in the car and began to search the vehicle, finding about 9 pounds of highly pure cocaine, probably valued at about $2 million, along with a loaded weapon. The four adults in the vehicle were arrested, and the three children were taken in by Child Services.

Smugglers Use Kids As Decoys

The suspects, all residents of Warren, Ohio, were identified as Jonathan Latham, 28, Jason Tom O’Malley, 30, India Thornhill, 26, and Troy Verity, 24. They have been charged with cocaine possession, possession of a dangerous weapon, and a child abuse charge associated with keeping drugs and a weapon in nearby proximity to the kids. Latham and O’Malley were discovered to have previous drug charges on their records, and Verity was currently a fugitive of justice with an outstanding charge.

The three children were admitted by the suspects to be intended as decoys to deflect suspicion. Two of the children, aged 11 and 13, were of no relation to anyone in the car, though the third, a 2-year old, was allegedly Thornhill’s child.

The ICSO stated they believed the DEA would become involved with the case, as it crossed state lines, making it a federal matter.

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