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Teen Charged with Felony Weapons Offense

Police recently arrested a 15-year-old high school student after accusations surfaced concerning bringing a handgun to school.

Minneapolis PD Arrests Bail Jumper

A man wanted by authorities in Steele County was recently taken into custody by police in Minneapolis. S.W., 30 years old, was originally charged with felony drug possession and sales charges in May.

Suspect Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder

T.P. recently pled guilty to second-degree intentional attempted murder as part of his plea agreement in what has been a somewhat complex case.

Ex-Boyfriend Charged with Felony Domestic Assault

A 43-year-old Minneapolis man is facing serious felony charges after being accused of strangling his ex-girlfriend in her apartment.

White Collar Crimes Rise in Minneapolis

Authorities in Dakota County have reported a rise in white collar crime prosecutions and convictions in the past few years.

Minnesota Cheerleader Charged with Sex Trafficking

An 18 year-old high school senior who was also a cheerleader has been arrested in Minnetonka, Minnesota on sex trafficking charges.

Obstructing the Legal Process in Minnesota

Obstructing the legal process or an arrest is covered under Minnesota Statutes in Section 609.50.

Domestic Abuse Laws in Minnesota

Domestic violence in the state of Minnesota is laid out under the Domestic Abuse Act, Section 518B.01 of the Minnesota Statutes.

What is disorderly conduct in Minnesota?

Disorderly conduct is a criminal charge that is broad in category, which means many types of actions and situations can result in this charge.

Even Lawmakers Get DUIs

A Democratic State Representative from Duluth, Minnesota was charged with DUI in February of this year.

Three Men Arrested for Several Alleged Crimes Going Back to Last Year

Police took three men into custody in connection to a string of theft crimes and other offenses that were allegedly committed by the suspects in 2012.

Man Arrested after Traffic Stop for Drinking Beer in His Vehicle

Police arrested a Minneapolis man with an outstanding arrest warrant after a call was made reporting that a man was driving his car while drinking beer.

Nurse Charged with Taking Patient’s Drugs

A 32-year-old nurse has been charged with stealing morphine from at least one patient. An elderly man reported that a woman that had been his nurse when he was receiving hospice care had stopped by ...

Burglary Suspect Apprehended After Forgotten Dog Tips Off Police

Police were investigating a string of residential burglaries this month and were able to apprehend the suspect after his dog was discovered at the scene of one of the crimes.

What Constitutes Obstruction of Justice?

When a person is accused of obstructing justice, it is considered a serious offense. There are many ways that someone can be involved in the obstruction of justice and not even realize it, thus the ...
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