Grostyan & Associates, PLC Articles Minnesota Cheerleader Charged with Sex Trafficking

Minnesota Cheerleader Charged with Sex Trafficking

By Grostyan & Associates, PLC  Jun. 17, 2013 11:19a

An 18 year-old high school senior who was also a cheerleader has been arrested in Minnetonka, Minnesota on sex trafficking charges. The cheerleader, M.P., has been accused of setting up a younger student in prostitution activities which involved giving oral sex to male customers for pay. The younger student is a 16 year-old who has a "developmental cognitive delay" problem. The illegal activity was discovered after the 16 year-old girl's mother became suspicious when her daughter's behavior changed. The mother began investigating by looking at her daughter's cell phone records which contained disturbing text messages.

The 16 year-old is a sophomore at the same school as the accused. The younger girl was driven to two residences by the accused where she was instructed to provide oral sex to male customers inside. At one address, the girl did so and was given $60 cash by the male customer which the accused deposited into her own bank account. At the second address, the customer declined the younger girl's offer of oral sex. An investigation into the matter began on March 9 of this year and concluded with the charges of sex trafficking and promoting prostitution. The accused girl had placed an ad offering up her classmate for sex services on a website, from which she received phone calls. If convicted of the charges she faces, M.P. could serve up to 20 years in prison and $50,000 in fines.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Minneapolis

Anyone facing sex crime charges, as in the case above, needs a strong and committed criminal defense attorney at their side, preferably one who is highly experienced in handling such charges in the local courts. Sex crimes are among the most serious of criminal charges with an associated social stigma which can haunt you for the rest of your life. Some sex crime convictions result in mandatory sex offender registration which is accessible to the public.

At Grostyan & Associates, PLC a criminal defense law firm serving the greater Minneapolis area, you can retain the services of an attorney with more than a decade of experience. Attorney Grostyan has a strong track record, both in and out of the courtroom in handling all types of criminal charges. He is a member of the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice, which is a privileged membership limited to approximately 50 of best defense lawyers in the state. He and his legal team work diligently at trial preparation and trial litigation and they will walk you through every phase of your case, giving you the personal attention and support you need. Contact the firm for a consultation about your defense case. All calls are answered 24/7.

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