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Nurse Charged with Taking Patient’s Drugs

By Grostyan & Associates, PLC  Jul. 13, 2012 11:17a

A 32-year-old nurse has been charged with stealing morphine from at least one patient. An elderly man reported that a woman that had been his nurse when he was receiving hospice care had stopped by his home several times. He said that on her first visits she would bring baked goods and said she was just checking up on him. On another visit, however, she allegedly came in without knocking. After her visit the man noticed that he only had two morphine pills left when the bottle initially had nearly 100. His healthcare provider notified local police of the theft and an investigation into the incident began. The nurse, J.P., was interviewed by a detective and did not admit to having taken the missing pills. Authorities were told by her husband a few days after the interview that she had checked herself in to a drug detox program for opiate addiction. In a review panel with the state nursing board J.P. reportedly admitted to a substance abuse problem and having taken pills from patients. Charged with a drug crime in Minnesota? A criminal defense lawyer skilled in handling drug charges may be able to help.

Nurse Faces Felony Drug Offense Charges

J.P. has been charged with theft, drug possession and felony possession of 50 or more dosages of a narcotic. She will be appearing in court in mid July for the charges. If convicted of the charges, which include a 3rd degree felony, she could receive 20 years in prison and $25,000 or more in fines as well as other penalties.

Work with a Minnesota Drug Crime Attorney

Minnesota takes drug offense charges very seriously and the penalties in many cases can be quite severe. That is why you don't have a moment to lose in getting the help of a knowledgeable defense attorney if you have been charged or arrested for a crime. An attorney with us at the law offices of Grostyan & Associates, PLC has successfully defended clients throughout the state in cases involving a range of drug crimes such as possession, marijuana charges, manufacturing, trafficking, distribution sales and others. The offense an individual is charged with depends on several circumstances of the alleged crime including which specific narcotic or illegal prescription drug is involved and in what amount. Contact our firm right away if you have been taken into custody on any drug offense. We may be able to fight the charges and get them reduced or dismissed.

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