Grostyan & Associates, PLC Articles Teen Charged with Felony Weapons Offense

Teen Charged with Felony Weapons Offense

By Grostyan & Associates, PLC  Oct. 10, 2013 4:41p

Police recently arrested a 15-year-old high school student after accusations surfaced concerning bringing a handgun to school. The incident began in late September when a female student reported to the school that she saw the teen near the campus with a 22-caliber handgun. School officials began an investigation and several other students were interviews by the high school's "police liaison officer". Students said that the 15-year-old had brought the loaded gun onto campus on several different occasions. One student said that the teen had aimed the gun at the head of another student when there was some sort of altercation near the bike racks on campus. The liaison officer contacted local police about the situation as well as the teen's parents. The boy and his parents met with school officials and then he was taken into custody by police. He did not have a gun in his possession but police confiscated a 22-caliber revolver that was found at a relative's house. The relative was not the owner of the handgun and investigators are working to determine where the gun came from and how it may have come to be in the teen's possession. The 15-year-old has been booked into jail on charges of second degree assault, terroristic threats and possession of a dangerous weapon on school grounds—all felonies. If your son or daughter has been charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense then you need a criminal defense attorney knowledgeable in juvenile crime cases on your side right away.

About Juvenile Crime Cases

Criminal cases involving someone under the age of 18 are generally handled slightly differently than adult cases. The difference lies mainly in the possible penalties and the fact that a minor's criminal record may be voided after a certain number of years so a mistake made in one's youth doesn't hang over him or her for the rest of their adult life. A minor may be charged as an adult in more severe cases and no matter what the situation you should have a defender fighting the charges immediately.

Minneapolis Juvenile Crimes Defense Lawyer

A criminal defense lawyer on our team at Grostyan & Associates, PLC has successfully represented clients in juvenile cases involving traffic violations, drunk driving, underage drinking, vandalism, drug possession, shoplifting, car theft, employee theft, disturbing the peace and others. Contact our law offices now to schedule a time to meet with a highly dedicated and skilled attorney with us. We offer a free case consultation and may be able to get the charges reduced or dismissed.

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