Grostyan & Associates, PLC Articles Three Men Arrested for Several Alleged Crimes Going Back to Last Year

Three Men Arrested for Several Alleged Crimes Going Back to Last Year

By Grostyan & Associates, PLC  Mar. 15, 2013 10:00a

Police took three men into custody in connection to a string of theft crimes and other offenses that were allegedly committed by the suspects in 2012. 19-year-old D.L. along with two other men—brothers both with the initials "M.C." and aged 20 and 21—were alleged to be part of a gang and committed the crimes as part of that gang's activities. Police reports state that D.L. had broken into a house in southern Minneapolis in March of 2012. Several valuables were taken from the location including electronics and gold jewelry. Police say that D.L. then went to a second nearby house that night and kicked in the front door to gain access. Additional electronics were stolen from the home including an iPad and two handguns. Police tracked some of the stolen items to D.L.'s apartment thanks to the tracking app in the iPad. D.L. was arrested during a traffic stop in February this year and was found to be in possession of one of the stolen handguns from the burglary that took place last March. Officers then did a search of the home where the two brothers lived and found the second handgun as well as various electronics that had been reported stolen. The gun had been hidden under the mattress of a baby crib at their mother's home where they lived. Make sure you speak with a criminal defense attorney immediately if you have been arrested for a crime.

In addition to charges of burglary, the three suspects are facing additional assault charges for an alleged incident that occurred in late 2012. A woman reported that three men matching the defendants' descriptions had been loitering in front of her house one day. She was in the front yard with her children and had confronted the men to see if there was a problem. The three began walking away after she spoke to them but then brandished handguns and began shouting and shooting in her direction as she was quickly bringing her children inside. The men face the possibility of severe felony sentencing if they are found guilty of the charges against them.

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