H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C. Articles Strip Club Owner Cleared of Possible White Collar Crime Charges

Strip Club Owner Cleared of Possible White Collar Crime Charges

By H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C.  Nov. 22, 2011 11:30a

Government agents suspected the owner of a Queens strip club of illegal financial practices while investigating cash deposit habits. Federal investigators look for certain flags that might indicate financial impropriety or attempts at tax evasion, money laundering or other fraudulent activity. One practice often used is "structuring" where an individual or group attempts to circumvent federal reporting laws by making deposits in amounts less than $10,000. Federal agents began to suspect the strip club owner of purposely making over 100 deposits under $10,000 so the amounts would not need to be reported. Acting on this suspicion, feds seized just under $1 million from the club owner.

Judge Orders Seized Funds Returned

After hearing the strip club owner's explanation for the "small" deposits, he ordered the federal government to return the nearly $1 million that had been seized. The club owner justified his cash deposit habits based on the nature of the strip club business and the fact that he had been robbed before. The club experiences a large volume of singles and $20 bills on a daily basis and the owner makes frequent bank deposits in cash amounts that he feel comfortable carrying, about $8,000. If you have been charged with a crime in New York, you should contact a New York City criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Are you being investigated for a white collar crime?

White collar crimes are taken very seriously by state and federal prosecutors. If you are being investigated for or have been charged with a crime such as fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, RICO violations or other federal offense, we may be able to help. A white collar crime lawyer at H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C. has successfully defended clients in the New York City area. It is imperative that you get tough and dedicated defense on your side when facing criminal charges. When we take on a case involving federal offense allegations we work swiftly and decisively in all aspects of the case. From conducting our own investigation to determine what the best strategy for defense is for a specific case to effectively presenting that defense, we do not let up for a moment. We understand how important our clients' rights and freedoms are and that is why we are committed to doing everything we can to get the best outcome possible.

Contact us today to speak with a New York City criminal defense attorney about your specific case!

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