Articles From Howard J. Wise & Associates

21-Year-Old Found Guilty of Murder

A DuPage County jury recently found 21-year-old L.V. guilty of murdering a teen from a local high school. The actual incident occurred nearly three years ago at the victim’s home.

Teens Charged as Adults for Rape

A third teenaged minor was recently charged in a case involving the rape of an 18-year-old woman on New Year’s Eve. The incident occurred outside near a Chicago theater and allegedly involved three ...

What You Need to Know About DNA Evidence

We hear about DNA evidence all the time. It’s talked about in television shows, on the radio and in newspapers, but how many of us really know what it is and how it can be used against you?

Do You Know Your Miranda Rights?

Across the nation, citizens have heard the Miranda Warning hundreds of times in television and movie police dramas. If you’re like many, you probably never stopped to think about what it really meant ...
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