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The Super Extreme DUI in Arizona

Not many states have incorporated a separate category for drunk driving that is called the Super Extreme. Arizona passed such a law in September 2007 to help deter the increasing number of traffic ...

Arizona Drug Crimes

In the state of Arizona, drug crimes are taken very seriously. When you are charged with a serious crime, you are facing harsh criminal penalties.

Violent Crimes Defense

Are you facing a violent crime charge? If so, a violent crime conviction is punishable by prison sentencing, fines, victim restitution, counseling and community service

Could Arizona’s DUI laws get less strict?

The state of Arizona is renowned for its aggressive stance against drunk driving. One of the most prominent reasons for its fierce reputation is Arizona’s status as the only state requiring first time ...

Arizona Upholds Implied Consent for DUI

As in many other states, Arizona law states that any driver arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, whether under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, automatically consents to blood ...

Case Moves to Tucson After Judge Approves Transfer

22-year-old college dropout Jared Lee Loughner, accused of a shooting rampage that killed 6 people and wounded 13 others, has had the court proceedings in his case transferred from Phoenix to Tucson, ...

$500,000 in Damages Sought by Tasered Officer

After being arrested in a DUI case last year, Phoenix Officer Seth Castillo filed a claim against the Gilbert Police department for a whopping $500,000 in damages, citing excessive force and violation ...

Tempe Man Charged With Impersonating An Officer

In this surprising story from Tempe, Arizona, a local man was charged with multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon and impersonation of a law enforcement officer.

Tucson Murder Conviction Overturned

Tucson resident Louie Machado was convicted in 2008 of the slaying of 16-year old Rebecca Ramsay. However, a later court of appeals chose to overturn the conviction based on evidence deliberately ...

Copper Theft on the Rise in Arizona

Copper has become a hot commodity on the black market in Mesa, Arizona. The problem has grown so vast, that legislatures are re-thinking legislation that regulates the methods that scrap metal ...

Domestic Violence in Tempe

Domestic abuse covers all forms of abuse that is directed towards a spouse, a child, a family member, someone who you are in a dating relationship with, someone who you live with or someone who you ...

Fighting Child Molestation Charges

Being accused of child molestation is very serious, not to mention, mortifying. If you are convicted of child molestation, you could most certainly be facing mandatory sex offender registration for ...

Understanding Charges of Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Hit and run is a term used to describe when a driver collides with an object, a pedestrian or another vehicle and flees the scene otherwise referred to as "leaving the scene" of an accident.

Arizona Arson Accusations

Arson is a serious criminal offense with extremely harsh penalties.

Facing Robbery Charges in Arizona?

Arizona defines robbery criminal offenses as when a person who is taking the property of another person who is immediately present does so against their will, and threatens or uses force in order to ...

Arizona Assault Laws

Assault is generally defined as the intent or threat of causing physical harm or injury to another person.

Arizona Drug Crime Information

In Arizona, drug crimes have extremely serious charges with severe penalties in the event of a conviction.

Internet Crime in Tempe

In this day and age, the internet serves as the information backbone for the nation.

Have You Been Charged With Domestic Violence?

Charges of domestic violence are sadly not nearly as infrequent as we would hope.
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