Knowles Law Firm, PLC Articles Could Arizona’s DUI laws get less strict?

Could Arizona’s DUI laws get less strict?

By Knowles Law Firm, PLC  Feb. 21, 2011 9:14a

Legislation Would Ease Nations Toughest Ignition Interlock Device Laws

The state of Arizona is renowned for its aggressive stance against drunk driving. One of the most prominent reasons for its fierce reputation is Arizona's status as the only state requiring first time offenders to install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) for a full year. But Republican state Senator Linda Gray, who previously championed the IID law enacted in 2007, says it is time to reduce the sentence to 6 months.

Opponents of Gray's new legislation, including Mothers Against Drunk Driving, insist that, if anything, DUI laws need to be strengthened further. Jay Lopez, the owner of an IID manufacturer, takes an "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" stance regarding the proposed change. Rather than reducing the time drivers would be required to keep the device installed, critics say the state needs to focus on increased enforcement efforts. Since the inception of the 2007 law, Arizona's DUI arrests have fallen by over twice as much as in other states over the same period.

Senator Claims New Bill Makes DUI Laws Stronger, Not Weaker

Gray is fighting back against the criticisms of her proposal. Pointing to her strong record of DUI law advocacy, she insists that the bill contains other measures making the law even more effective at fighting drunk driving. As few as 30 percent of first time offenders actually qualify for the IID program, according to numbers released by Gray's office. Her proposal would strengthen the restrictions currently on the books, allowing more drivers to meet the requirements while simultaneously making failure to comply with the program even less attractive. In a statement made to reporters recently, Gray claims her new bill gives first time offenders "a chance to turn their life around." The bill has passed the Senate and awaits a vote in the House.

Why do you need a DUI attorney?

Thanks to Arizona's harsh DUI laws, facing an arrest for driving intoxicated is an extremely serious matter. Penalties include having your license suspended, fines, and even jail time, even for a first-time offense. With a qualified criminal defense lawyer from Knowles Law Firm, PLC, you stand a chance of reducing or even having these penalties dismissed.

Do not hesitate to contact a Tempe DUI attorney! Call today for a free consultation.

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