Lancaster Law Office LLC Articles Denver Police Officer Loses Job after Domestic Violence Conviction

Denver Police Officer Loses Job after Domestic Violence Conviction

By Lancaster Law Office  Feb. 21, 2012 9:51a

A policeman with the Denver PD is appealing his job loss that resulted from not being able to carry a firearm. S.P. was charged and convicted of domestic violence for an alleged incident that occurred in May 2010. He was found guilty in a county court after his girlfriend at the time said he had pushed her and punched her in the back. S.P. lost his right to carry a gun with the conviction. The Denver Police Department allowed him to stay on the force by giving him a job that didn’t require him to be armed. The move was supposed to be temporary while the officer worked to get the charges against him cleared. After over a year had passed with no change in the outcome of the case, he was dismissed from the force. Have you lost your gun rights after a domestic violence charge? Talk to a Denver domestic violence attorney and see what may be done to regain your rights.

S.P. has recently been granted a new trial by a District Court judge set for April of this year. The District judge felt that the trial judge should not have disallowed testimony by defense witnesses which were to testify that S.P. was nowhere near the alleged victim at the time she said she had been assaulted. S.P. is seeking to remain on the job with the DPD in light of the fact that a new trial has been scheduled.

Get the Help of a Denver Domestic Violence Lawyer if You Lost Your Gun Rights

As part of the domestic violence laws in Colorado, an individual arrested or charged with this offense loses his or her gun rights. If a conviction is obtained, that person can lose their right to carry or own a firearm for life. Domestic violence cases can be very challenging due to the highly emotional nature of such an incident and the fact that it can seem to come down to who the jury or judge believes more—the alleged victim or the defendant. A Lancaster domestic violence defense attorney with the Lancaster Law Office understands this fully. We use every ounce of our considerable knowledge and skill in this area of law to tenaciously pursue a positive outcome to our client’s case.

Contact a Denver domestic violence attorney on our dedicated team if you lost your gun rights. There is no charge for the initial consultation.

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