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Long Beach Police Department Supports Homeless Hate Crimes Bill

Many push for a new bill to protect the homeless in Long Beach and many surrounding California communities.

Forgery - One of the Fastest Growing White Collar Crimes

As one of the fasting growing white collar crimes in the nation, forgery is a serious problem that comes with serious consequences. To avoid a conviction, call a criminal attorney today.

Long Beach Woman Arrested For Laser Pointer Crime

A local Long Beach resident, Kelly Ann Smith, was arrested for allegedly shining a laser pointer device at two separate police helicopters involved in a search on February 5th.

Female Inmates Moved to Maximum Security Jail

Thanks to the looming budget crisis, the sheriff’s office in Sonoma County has been forced to close the minimum security jail which had housed many low security female inmates.

Couple Confesses to Kidnapping in California

In an astonishing story, Phillip and Nancy Garrido have been accused of keeping a girl locked in their backyard for 18 years. The prosecution seeks a combined sentence of nearly 700 years for the ...

Kidnapping Victim Gets $20 Million

The details are almost too terrible to imagine. Jaycee Dugard, who was rescued a year ago, was imprisoned for nearly two decades in the backyard of a home in Antioch, east of Oakland, USA Today ...

Some Facts about Hit and Run Accidents

By California law, if you are driving and hit a person, another vehicle or damage someone’s property, you are required by law to stop and give the other driver your contact information along with ...

Police Save Two Females in Domestic Violence Incident

Domestic violence carries harsh penalties in the state of California and can have lasting negative effects on a person’s life if they are convicted of this crime.

Identity Theft Through Mail is Cause for Alarm

Identity theft through the mail can be carried out with few skills and is unfortunately more common than one would think.

Good Samaritan and Great Dane Foil Sexual Assault

In the state of California, penalties for sex crimes can be harsh and law enforcement and prosecutors will work diligently to have offenders convicted.
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