Law Office of Leonard Matsuk Articles Couple Confesses to Kidnapping in California

Couple Confesses to Kidnapping in California

By Law Office of Leonard Matsuk  Mar. 8, 2011 3:32p

Girl Allegedly Held Captive For 18 Years

In an astonishing story, Phillip and Nancy Garrido have been accused of keeping a girl locked in their backyard for 18 years. The prosecution seeks a combined sentence of nearly 700 years for the couple for their heinous crime.

Jaycee Dugard was reportedly drugged at a school bus stop on a South Lake Tahoe street and abducted in the couple’s car in 1991. She was only eleven years old. For nearly two decades, she was confined to backyard of Garrido’s home in Antioch. Her presence was hidden by concealing shrubbery and a false fence, behind which lay several tents and sheds in which she lived. During the course of her imprisonment, police allege she was repeatedly raped by Philip Garrido, ultimately giving birth to two children who lived with her within the backyard compound. Dugard has refused to comment publicly on the horrific nightmare she underwent, but she is currently writing a book detailing her experience.

Attorneys May Be Attempting A Settlement

The Garridos initially pled not guilty to their charges, which include in addition to kidnapping, multiple counts of false imprisonment, rape, and child pornography. The recent confession on their part, however, may indicate an attempt at a plea bargain, legal experts have suggested.

The prosecution has announced that they are seeking a sentence of 440 years for Phillip, and 242 for Nancy. Attorneys commenting on the case suggest that this is mostly grandstanding, and that the couple will most likely spend the rest of their lives in prison, but not with such an exorbitant sentence to fulfill.

Philip Garrido had previously been convicted of sexual assault, and it was only his bizarre decision to bring Dugard and her children with him to a parole meeting that alerted law enforcement to her kidnapping.

Seek a Defense Attorney Right Away

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