Law Office of Leonard Matsuk Articles Long Beach Woman Arrested For Laser Pointer Crime

Long Beach Woman Arrested For Laser Pointer Crime

By Law Office of Leonard Matsuk  Mar. 8, 2011 3:38p

Use of Laser Pointer Interferes With Helicopter Search

A local Long Beach resident, Kelly Ann Smith, was arrested for allegedly shining a laser pointer device at two separate police helicopters involved in a search on February 5th.

The search began after suspects reportedly began shooting at two gang detectives involved in an investigation in Long Beach. A helicopter piloted by officers in the Long Beach police department began to sweep the area, searching for the shooters, when they reported interference from a laser pointer. The light refracting through the windshield made it difficult for the pilots to see, but they continued on.

When they ran out of fuel and had to make a refueling stop, the LA Sheriffs Department released their helicopter to take over the search. Not long after they joined the hunt, the LA County helicopter also reported being targeted by a laser pointer. The Long Beach PD helicopter returned and was immediately targeted again, but this time they were able to pinpoint the source of the light. Foot patrol officers were able to find the 34-year old Smith, and confiscated the laser pointer from her person.

Plea Not Yet Entered By Defendant

Smith was arrested by law enforcement officers on February 5th, and brought to Long Beach jail. She posted a $20,000 bond and was released the following day. No official charges have been made, according to court records, nor has a guilty or not guilty plea been made.

The initial hearing will be held at the Long Beach Superior Court.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer May Be Your Only Hope

Crimes of this nature are taken extremely seriously by the courts, with pointing a laser at a plane recently elevated to a federal offense. It is vitally important to consider your options if you are accused of any federal charge. Skillful legal counsel may be able to help you defend your freedoms. Leonard Matsuk is a skilled Long Beach criminal defense attorney with 30 years of experience dealing with all manner of cases throughout the area.

Contact a Long Beach federal charge lawyer for a free consultation today!

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