Law Office of Matthew T. McNally Articles Changes in Georgia Law for Drug Offenders

Changes in Georgia Law for Drug Offenders

By Law Office of Matthew T. McNally  Jul. 27, 2012 4:35p

Georgia's governor has recently signed into law new legislation aimed at reducing some of the economic burden of the state's enormous prison system for Georgia taxpayers. The legislation was based on recommendations by the Special Joint Committee on Georgia Criminal Justice, a committee which was set up to evaluate problems with the state's criminal justice system. Under the new bill, penalties for those convicted of nonviolent drug offenses will be reduced in severity. Drug courts and diversion programs will be emphasized over jail and prison sentences to help reduce the prison population and address the underlying addiction problem that is often connected with drug-related crimes.

Fulton County's Drug Court opened in 1997, giving convicted nonviolent drug offenders an alternative to incarceration by enrolling in and completing an intensive drug rehabilitation program. Those who are eligible may be enrolled in the program for a period of nine to 24 months. While in the program, they are required to undergo weekly drug testing which is done on a random schedule and must participate in a court-approved drug treatment program. Enrollees must also make regular appearances in court before a judge who checks on their progress. To successfully graduate from the program, the individual must remain drug-free for a designated period, be employed or in an educational program, pay a $750 fee to participate, and complete all court requirements successfully.

How an Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

If you have been arrested and charged with a drug offense in or around Atlanta, you can rely on the outstanding professionalism and aggressive legal representation available at the Law Office of Matthew T. McNally. As a criminal defense lawyer serving the Atlanta area, Attorney Matthew T. McNally is well-known and well-respected by the public, law enforcement, and the legal community for his competence, dedication, and effective results.

Being convicted of a first time nonviolent drug offense does not have to lead to incarceration. By discussing your legal options with Attorney Matthew, you may find that you are eligible for a drug treatment program which will address substance abuse and put you back on the path to a better life. Find out how your case can be effectively handled by contacting the firm to arrange for a consultation today.

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