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Georgia Drug Trafficking Group Arrested

By Law Office of Matthew T. McNally  Jul. 1, 2013 10:41a

A drug trafficking group consisting of nine people were recently arrested and charged in Fitzgerald, Georgia. The leader of the group was arrested two months ago at a Texas border crossing when she was found with more than half a million dollars worth of methamphetamine in her vehicle. The illegal drugs were destined to be sold in Georgia. The border arrest prompted an undercover investigation of the international drug operation which led to the group of traffickers in Ben Hill County who were connected to the woman.

The woman was arrested in Brownsville, Texas in a record drug bust at that crossing by Border and Customs Patrol agents. The agents had received a tip from law enforcement agents in Georgia. The investigation was conducted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Ben Hill County Sheriff's Office, and the South Central Drug Task Force. The jailed drug traffickers were charged with conspiracy to possess and intent to distribute the drugs. Law enforcement officials in the case stated that methamphetamine trafficking between Mexico and the U.S. with ties to Georgia is a growing concern; Atlanta has become a central distribution point for foreign and U.S. traffickers.

Georgia penalties for trafficking in methamphetamine are based on the quantity involved. Fines can range from $200,000 up to $1 million with prison terms ranging from a mandatory minimum of 10 years up to 25 years.

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