Law Office of Matthew T. McNally Articles Georgia Mother of Slain Children Appears Before Court

Georgia Mother of Slain Children Appears Before Court

By Law Offices of Matthew McNally  Feb. 28, 2011 10:04p

Officials Say She Knew Drugs Were In Her House

In a tragic house fire last week, three children were slain before they could be rescued from the blaze. Their mother, 22-year old Neibi Brito, is charged with trafficking narcotics.Law enforcement officials say that the fire was started by chemicals used in the processing of methamphetamine. It initially ignited in a storage closet packed full of the chemical substances, then spread to the kitchen. Brito's three children, 18-month old Stacy Brito, and her brothers Isaac and Ivan Guevara, 4 and 3 years old, were killed by the blaze, with cause of death reported as inhalation of toxic smoke and severe burns.

Thanks to testimony from an undercover officer, police were able to charge Brito with trafficking. The officer testified that he had spoken with Brito and confirmed her knowledge of the narcotics around the house. He said he saw a total of 4,555 grams of liquid amphetamine in the utility closet as well as in a storage shed outside the home.

Police Seek Second Suspect

The attorney representing Brito, Samuel Harrison, claims that she is not responsible for the drugs or the fire. Instead, the responsibility lies at the feet of the other resident of the house, Ivan Gonzales. Gonzales is known to possess fake documents and a false drivers license, which the Georgia Department of Drivers Services does not know how he obtained. They are launching an investigation into the incident. Gonzales is currently the target of a nation-wide manhunt, with authorities believing he is attempting to escape to Mexico.

A Drug Crime Attorney Can Help You

If your or a loved one has been charged with a drug crime, it is of the utmost importance that you remain calm and contact a  criminal defense lawyer immediately. With the help of a qualified legal professional, it is possible to have your charges reduced or even dismissed. Matthew McNally is an Atlanta based attorney with years of experience. His mission is to provide every client with an aggressive defense tailored to the specifics of the case.

Do not hesitate to contact an Atlanta drug crime lawyer right away!

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