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Houston Woman Convicted for Life in Federal Prison

By Law Offices of Q. Tate Williams, P.C.  Jun. 17, 2013 11:59a

A 56 year-old Houston woman was convicted three years ago to life in federal prison without parole for drug trafficking. The woman, E.C., still maintains her innocence today in the crime of conspiracy to smuggle large quantities of cocaine into the country. As the manager of a tour bus company which transported the cocaine from Mexico to Houston, she contends that she was tricked into the scheme by the trafficker. Because she had no inside information which might have reduced the charges or the sentencing, her sentence was worse than those penalties given to many drug lords facing similar charges in this country. She refused to plead guilty to the crime and thus her case went to a jury trial, where she was convicted. Never accused of getting rich off the illegal proceeds of her crime or being involved in other drug-related crimes, she was convicted as a first-offender.

The woman, now a 56 year-old grandmother, faces remaining for the rest of her life in a federal prison, which has no parole. In the Southern District of Texas, more than 1700 defendants were prosecuted on federal drug charges in 2010. More than 93 percent of these people pleaded guilty. In ten cases, the defendants were acquitted. 82 of the cases ended in a dismissal.

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

Federal criminal charges are a serious legal matter for those accused. These crimes are often investigated by persistent federal law enforcement agencies with enormous resources who are dedicated to building cases and winning them. Those accused of such crimes will need an equally tough defense lawyer who is experienced in federal court.

The Law Offices of Q. Tate Williams, based in Houston, offers experienced and committed legal representation in cases involving both state and federal offenses, from DWI to drug crimes, theft crimes, internet crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, white collar crimes, and more. Attorney Williams has a decade of experience handling these cases; he is an attorney who actually cares about how your case is handled and its outcome. He looks for mistakes, weaknesses, discrepancies, flaws, and rights violations which may lead to a better result. Contact his firm for a free case consultation immediately following an arrest or if you are subject to a criminal investigation.

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