Law Offices of Steve M. Wells Articles Senior Citizen Charged with Second Felony Marijuana Offense

Senior Citizen Charged with Second Felony Marijuana Offense

By Law Offices of Steve M. Wells  Dec. 13, 2013 12:59p

What started as a domestic disturbance between two brothers led to the arrest of a 70-year-old man with a previous felony conviction for possession of over a kilogram of marijuana. Two brothers had apparently gotten into an argument and one of the brothers called authorities. Alaska State Troopers arrived to speak with the brother who called and discovered that the other brother had left the scene. That brother was intoxicated at the time and had walked away from the argument location in cold, snowy weather which raised concerns for his wellbeing. The troopers followed the man's tracks in the snow which led them to a cabin. One of the officers knocked on the cabin's door which apparently hadn't been fully latched and simply swung open. The officer reported that he smelled "…the strong odor of raw or un-burnt marijuana" and saw the brother and another man standing in the cabin. A number of plants growing under lamps were also visible. The officers asked if they could come in and speak to the men and search the cabin. The second man, 70-year-old R.H., gave the troopers permission to enter. The officers say they informed R.H. several times that he could revoke the permission to search the cabin but he declined and allegedly took responsibility for what the troopers found. The officers reported finding 112 marijuana plants growing there as well as a .22 revolver. R.H. was taken into custody on charges of marijuana cultivation and illegal possession of a gun by a convicted felon. The suspect also had an outstanding warrant out for his arrest from a failure to appear incident in 2011. Make sure you have a skilled criminal defense attorney fighting for your rights if you have been charged with a serious drug crime!

Criminal Defense Lawyer for Clients in Alaska

If you have been charged with a drug offense such as possession, distribution, cultivation, manufacturing or other drug crime then you should contact a defense lawyer with the Law Offices of Steve Wells now. Attorney Wells has handled a variety of serious criminal cases including those involving marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and others. You could be facing serious penalties including thousands in fines, years behind bars, probation and other punishment if you are found guilty of the charges against you. The firm may be able to help you avoid these harsh penalties and defend your freedom.

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