Maas Law Offices Articles Man Scheduled For Parole Hearing For 1988 Crime Binge

Man Scheduled For Parole Hearing For 1988 Crime Binge

By Maas Law Offices  Apr. 5, 2011 3:50p

Sacramento Criminal Serving Life After Series of Assaults And Sexual Offenses

A Philadelphia native currently serving life in a California penitentiary is eligible for parole, where the possibility of an early release will be discussed, the Sacramento Bee reports.

Now 46 years old, the man has spent nearly half his life in prison after committing a violent spree in Sacramento in 1988. When he was 24, the man traveled to California from Pennsylvania to visit with his family. He had a history of crime, having already been paroled before he made the trip. Though the exact circumstances of the spree are somewhat difficult to discern after so many years, the details of his criminal rampage paint an unflattering picture.

On November 21, 1988, the man started off his wild spree by assaulting an older 41-year old woman from Sacramento, who was left moderately injured by the attack. Later on in the evening, the man followed a 13-year old girl on her way home from school, abducting her at knifepoint and forcing her to travel with him to a quiet location near Bradshaw Road and Highway 50. Once he had ensured that the spot was suitably isolated, he raped the girl, robbed her of her valuables and left her there.

After laying low for a week, he ended his rampage with an assault and robbery, threatening an elderly Carmichael native with his knife, forcing her to write him a check while in her car. The 65-year old woman was able to escape him by jumping out of the moving car, leaving her with minor injuries.

The parole hearing for the Philadelphia man is scheduled for April 14th, to be held at the Chuckawalla State Prison where he has been held since his conviction.

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