Maas Law Offices Articles Police Recover Stolen Car Shortly after Theft

Police Recover Stolen Car Shortly after Theft

By Maas Law Offices  Jan. 24, 2012 10:48a

The Solano County Sheriff's Department had issued a report to local law enforcement of a stolen American-make sedan earlier in the day. Two individuals approached the car while the owner was in it and forced him to give it up. Deputies had been working with the owner of the vehicle and investigating the carjacking when a Vacaville police officer spotted a car matching the description of the one stolen at around 4:30 in the afternoon. The officer followed the green sedan to ascertain if it was in fact the same car. When he attempted to pull the car over the driver refused to stop and sped away. The officer called for backup and pursued the car. The driver continued to lead police on a high speed chase through residential neighborhoods. Speeds at times approached 60 miles per hour which had police wary about the safety of other drivers, bystanders and residents.

Female Carjacking Suspect Arrested in Vacaville

The chase did not last long, however, and the driver eventually gave up. Police then arrested the female 22-year-old driver. She is being held on suspicion of carjacking and for evading a police officer. No word yet as to whether or not the second suspect in the carjacking has been apprehended. Have you been charged with a crime? Talk to a Solano County criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible in regard to the specific charges you are facing.

Get the Help of a Theft Crime Lawyer in Solano County

If you or someone you care about has been charged with a crime you should seek the strong representation of a theft crime attorney for your defense. An experienced defense lawyer with the Maas Law Offices knows what it takes to get criminal charges reduced or dropped. We understand how frightened the client may be when faced with the possibility of losing their freedom and rights. No matter how dire the circumstances, with the help of a competent and compassionate attorney in your corner, a positive outcome to your case may be possible. We have defended clients in theft crime cases involving carjacking, burglary, robbery, shoplifting, petty larceny, grand larceny, fraud, identity theft and more throughout Solano County and Contra Costa County. Schedule a free initial consultation with our office today.

Contact a Solano County theft crime attorney with our firm to discover what we may be able to do in your defense!

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