MacGregor & Collins, LLP Articles Juvenile Arrested for Inciting a Riot in Huntington Beach

Juvenile Arrested for Inciting a Riot in Huntington Beach

By Randy Collins  Aug. 5, 2013 12:48p

The Huntington Beach riots following the U.S. Open came as a shock to many people throughout Orange County. Fights broke out along Main Street, numerous arsons were committed, portable toilets were overturned, windows were broken, looters stole items, and police officers were assaulted. Amongst those arrested was a 15-year-old boy who authorities say was arrested in connection with the riots on July 28, 2013.

The boy has been charged with inciting a riot, refusing to follow police orders, and suspicion of assault on a peace officer. The boy is currently one of seven persons who have been arrested and may face years of juvenile incarceration. Social media is still circulating photos and videos of those involved in the riots which have been instrumental in helping authorities identify the majority of arrests so far.

Penalties for Juvenile Crimes in Orange County

Juveniles who are convicted of crimes in Orange County, California can face a wide variety of different penalties. Penalties that do not involve incarcerating a juvenile offender include:

  • Fines
  • Community service
  • Probation
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Counseling
  • Verbal warnings

OC courts are prone to punishing minors with sentences that do not involve incarceration. The goal is to rehabilitate the child before they are old enough to receive harsher penalties for their offenses. When courts do decide that incarceration is the best option, the following types of penalties may be imposed:

  • House arrest
  • Placement in a foster home or family member other than parents
  • Time in juvenile hall or other juvenile detention facility
  • Probation following time spent in juvenile hall
  • Time in adult jail
  • Time in juvenile and adult jail

Whether or not a minor is ordered to spend time in juvenile hall or adult jail depends largely upon the nature of his or her crimes and whether the defendant has a criminal record.

Orange County Juvenile Defense

If your child is facing criminal charges in Orange County, speaking with one of our skilled juvenile defense attorneys can help. MacGregor & Collins, LLP is a juvenile defense law firm based in Newport Beach, California and their attorneys have represented several children and their families. We invite you to take advantage of our free confidential case evaluation to help you better understand your child's charges and the options that are available.

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