Martinian & Associates Inc. Articles Ex-Marine Charged in Southern California Hate Crime

Ex-Marine Charged in Southern California Hate Crime

By Martinian & Associates, Inc.  Apr. 26, 2013 8:20a

An ex-Marine has been charged with felony crimes stemming from the beating of two men and the shouting of anti-gay slurs in an incident which occurred in Long Beach, California last September. The ex-Marine, J.K.O, was arrested in Illinois and will be extradited to California to face the charges. He was discharged from the Marine Corp a few weeks after the alleged incident in what was reported as "less than honorable" terms.

The incident occurred outside a popular gay bar in Long Beach where J.K.O. is accused of shouting the slurs, which resulted in the hate crime charge. After the name-calling, the ex-Marine apparently began beating up the two men. One of the victims, who was knocked out in the fracas, sustained a concussion as well as a fractured hip. When others at the scene tried to break up the fight, it was reported that J.K.O. engaged in further punching and choking of the second victim. He now faces two felony charges, battery with serious bodily injury and assault likely to produce great bodily injury. He could serve up to eight years in a state prison, which would include sentencing for the hate crime.

Hate crimes involve threat, harassment, criminal trespassing, assault or physical injury perpetrated against another based on the victim's race, religion, sexual preference, national origin, ethnicity, or disability. In a hate crime conviction, the defendant typically will be given a harsher sentence than if the offense had not been committed due to prejudice.

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