Martinian & Associates Inc. Articles One Arrested, Others Sought by Police for Robberies using Hammers

One Arrested, Others Sought by Police for Robberies using Hammers

By Martinian & Associates Inc.  Mar. 18, 2013 4:06p

Los Angeles Police have been searching for four suspects thought to be involved in robberies that occurred within a 30 minute period in Hollywood recently. The robberies are suspected to all be connected and happened within a few blocks of each other. Robbery victims described four men that had used hammers, knives and a Taser in the theft incidents. The victims and witnesses said that the objects were used to threaten the individual as she or he was getting out of or into a car. Items such as wallets, purses, cash and mobile phones were taken in the robberies. One man was taken into custody earlier this week and police are continuing to look for the other three men reportedly involved in the robberies which occurred late one night in early March. Get the help of a criminal defense attorney skilled in fighting theft crime charges if you have been arrested or accused of robbery or any offense.

About Theft Crimes and Penalties

An arrest for an alleged theft offense can result in severe felony charges. This is especially true if you are accused of stealing something of high value or if a weapon was present or used at the time of the theft. Examples of theft crimes involving weapons or physical threats include robbery, carjacking and others. Other theft crimes such as burglary, shoplifting, petty theft, grand theft and fraud may or may not also include charges involving weapons offenses depending on the specific circumstances of the reported incident. The value of the items stolen also determines whether it is charged as a misdemeanor or felony. Petty theft is a misdemeanor charged when the item, items or merchandise is valued under $950. Grand theft, a felony, is charged when the value is $950 or more. Grand theft auto is always a felony no matter what the value of the vehicle.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Representing Clients in Los Angeles

Theft charges can land you in jail fast so it is crucial that you have a tough defender in your corner who is willing to work hard to fight the allegations against you. We have obtained a positive outcome in cases involving robbery, carjacking, burglary, shoplifting, larceny, petty theft, grand theft and others. Contact our dedicated team at the law offices of Martinian & Associates today to discuss your case and what we may be able to do to get the charges reduced or dismissed.

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