Martinian & Associates Inc. Articles Some Misdemeanors Downgraded to Infractions in LA

Some Misdemeanors Downgraded to Infractions in LA

By Martinian & Associates Inc.  Aug. 14, 2013 10:40a

As of July 25 of this year, 91 misdemeanors in the Los Angeles area have been downgraded to infractions. A memo sent out to commanding officers in the Los Angeles Police Department detailed the information, as reported by the Associated Press. Infractions are not recorded in the U.S. Department of Justice criminal records and are not included in an area's crime statistics. The downgrade has been done to save tax dollars and to make the criminal justice system more efficient. Often, the offenses which have been downgraded were turned into infractions by the city's attorney office, anyway, according to the news report.

Examples of misdemeanors which are now only infractions include driving without a license, using a fake ID to buy alcohol, camping on the beach, possessing or buying alcohol as a minor, public drunkenness, gambling, trespassing, and failing to get your dog vaccinated against rabies. In any case where a law enforcement officer wants to have these offenses charged as a misdemeanor, he or she will have to provide extenuating circumstances in writing. The new guidelines pertaining to infractions are expected to take some of the burden off the court system and the city attorney's office. The LAPD insists that it will still pursue criminal activity as usual, though the 91 offenses will no longer be as serious as before.

Criminal Defense in Los Angeles

Being charged with a misdemeanor or felony can seriously disrupt your life and lead to harsh penalties if you are convicted. The consequences, of course, will depend on the nature of the charges and the harm involved to alleged victims. Federal crimes are generally punished more severely than state crimes. Any criminal case, however, requires a competent and dedicated defense attorney for those who wish to achieve the best possible result.

The criminal defense team at Martinian & Associates has decades of experience in this field of law. Lead attorney Tigran Martinian has 15 years of legal experience in criminal law alone. He and his legal team of attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of jury trials. Their efforts have often led to dismissed charges and reduced charges for their clients. Whether you are facing criminal charges based on a violent crime, DUI, drug crimes, juvenile crimes, theft crimes, property crimes, sex crimes, or white collar crimes, your chances for a better outcome will be enhanced by working with this firm. Find out more about the legal aspects of your case and how this experienced firm can help you. Contact the firm today to arrange for a legal consultation.

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