Okabe & Haushalter - Chicago Press Two Officers Injured while trying to Break up Fight

Two Officers Injured while trying to Break up Fight

October 23, 2013

Police were called to the location of a Chicago bar in the late night hours when complaints came in about several people arguing and fighting. Two officers arrived at the bar on North Clark Street just before 2:00 in the morning and observed three people, two men and a woman, engaged in some sort of altercation outside of the bar. The officers approached the trio who were yelling at each other. The woman was pushing one of the men while screaming at him. The officers instructed the three to stop fighting and disperse from the area but one of the men allegedly would not comply. The other man and the woman left but 29-year-old C.M. reportedly turned his unresolved issues toward the officers. He was again instructed to leave the area but instead of leaving he spit in one of the officer's face and swore at them. The officers then tried to place the man under arrest but he became increasingly belligerent and fought the policemen. Arrest reports state that C.M. continued to struggle and ended up injuring one officer in the knee and the other in the shoulder. C.M. was finally subdued and taken into custody. The officers went to a local hospital for treatment of their injuries (reports do not describe the extent of the injuries) after the suspect was booked. C.M. has been charged with aggravated battery and two counts of resisting arrest. He was released the following day on his own recognizance but will have to pay a $50,000 or return to jail if he does not show for his appointed court date for the charges. Make sure to consult with a criminal defense attorney right away about your case if you have been arrested.

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Two Men Serving Time Exonerated and Released

Two men serving felony sentences were recently released after evidence from another case exonerated the men of the charges they had been convicted of.
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