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San Rafael Teen Ordered To Face Trial As Adult

By Okabe & Haushalter October 23, 2012

Six Felony Charges Against Suspect In Lamborghini Heist And Attempted Murder

A young man from San Rafael, California, is set to face trial as an adult after a court ruling in October. Should the suspect, now 18, be convicted on all charges, one attorney estimated, he could expect to see decades in prison.

Law enforcement officials say they first caught wind of the suspect when he began to brag to schoolmates about the theft of a yellow Lamborghini Spyder that was taken from a dealership in San Francisco. The automobile, belonging to celebrity chef Guy Fieri, was reported missing in March of 2011, and was allegedly stolen by the defendant after he rappelled down from the roof. Investigators believe he may have been aided by a night shift janitor, who reportedly exhibited suspicious behavior after the crime.

According to authorities, they did not pursue the case against the teen too thoroughly, preferring to be patient and wait for him to slip up while investigating other leads. They were forced to reconsider the approach, however, when the defendant became a suspect in the attempted murder of two teens in Mill Valley. Police say the suspect approached the couple on a motorcycle and opened fire.

Target Of Shooting Dupes Suspect With Help Of Police

Neither victim was wounded in the assault, and they told police they could not identify the shooter, who was wearing black clothing and covered his face. Investigators discovered evidence shortly afterwards that the motorcycle and clothing had been purchased by the defendant just days before the shooting. When shown surveillance footage of the purchase, the 18-year old female victim said she recognized him and identified the defendant.

Police say they learned that the suspect had threatened to attack the couple out of jealousy, referring to the female as 'his woman.' Under pretense of going on a date, police say the victim then tricked the defendant into revealing the location of the Lamborghini in a storage locker in Richmond. Also inside the locker, they claim, were the clothes and motorcycle used in the shooting.

Charged with six felonies, including auto theft, possession of a stolen vehicle, and attempted murder, the teen will be required to face trial as an adult. He is also expected to face further charges relating to his arrest, when he allegedly tried to draw a stolen handgun on the law enforcement officials during his apprehension.

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