Okabe & Haushalter - San Rafael Press Suspect Charged In $1.5 Million Embezzlement Case

Suspect Charged In $1.5 Million Embezzlement Case

By Okabe & Haushalter October 23, 2012

Authorities Arrest Real Estate Manager In White Collar Scandal

When asked how he felt about the recent embezzlement case lodged against a sixteen-year employee of the company, the company owner said he was filled with "shock and horror." The woman is charged with the theft of more than a million dollars in company funds over a period of eight years.

Prosecutors claim that she was able to use her position to quietly steal around one and a half million dollars before being caught. The 44-year old woman was a company controller for Parkway Properties Investment Corp, a real estate management and brokerage firm, where she had been employed for close to two decades.

According to initial court documents, an internal audit by the company discovered certain financial irregularities connected to the suspect, and informed the San Rafael Police Department of the matter. After conducting an investigation of their own, law enforcement officials became convinced that the woman had been illegally siphoning funds for a long period of time.

San Rafael Employer Believes Defendant Stole Money From Retirement Fund

The defendant had worked her way up the corporate ladder, starting from a paralegal with the law firm, being promoted to a manager, and finally taking the reins as bookkeeper and property manager. With her access to the inner workings of the firm, prosecutors allege, she was able to falsify checks to herself out of the 28 bank accounts under ownership of the company, including the staff retirement fund. In one example, investigators claim, she recorded writing a check for $35, and then withdrew $5,000 from the account.

Acting on Wednesday, October 10th, authorities placed the woman under arrest at her home in Casa Verde Circle, taking her into custody at the Mari County jail. She is being held on a $1.5 million bail bond, the same amount she is accused of stealing. At her arraignment, she is expected to be formally charged with embezzlement, for which she could receive a lengthy prison sentence.

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