Okabe & Haushalter Press Lamar Odom Charged with DUI

Lamar Odom Charged with DUI

By Law Offices of Okabe & Haushalter October 23, 2013

Odom has been officially charged with driving under the influence stemming from a late August traffic stop. The basket ball player who last played with the Los Angeles Clippers was arrested in the late night hours after a California Highway Patrol Officer says he observed Odom's vehicle swerving. He was stopped and asked to perform field sobriety tests which he allegedly failed. He was taken into custody and then later released pending charges. He has since been charged with a misdemeanor count of DUI but information regarding when he will be seen in court on the charge has not been released. The penalty for a simple misdemeanor DUI (doesn't involve accident, injury or the presence of children) is $1,000 in fines plus other fees as well as up to six months in jail. Get the help of a criminal defense attorney skilled in handling DUI cases if you have been charged with drunk driving.

About DUI Charges

DUI charges have severe penalties and should be taken very seriously even if you are facing a first DUI charge. If you are accused of causing an injury accident while under the influence of alcohol or drugs then the charges are even more severe including felony DUI. Penalties include anything from 24 hours to many years behind bars, thousands in fines, driver's license suspension, mandatory substance abuse counseling, community service, probation and more. It is important that you have knowledgeable representation on your side for not only the criminal charges against you but the administrative hearing with the DMV concerning your driving privileges. This is not the time to trust the outcome of your case to anyone less than a seasoned defender that will work aggressively to fight the charges against you.

Charged with a misdemeanor or felony DUI in Los Angeles?

A criminal defense lawyer with us at Okabe & Haushalter is highly skilled in handling DUI cases and may be able to help you with your specific case. We have successfully defended clients facing a variety of DUI charges including felony DUI, commercial DUI, DUI with injury, multiple DUI (DUI arrest after previous DUI convictions) and others. We have also represented clients at the DMV hearing and in DUI appeals. Contact our law offices right away to talk to a dedicated defender on our team in a free initial consultation. We understand how difficult and stressful it is to be charged with any crime and we may be able to help bring your case to a swift and positive resolution.

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