Okabe & Haushalter Press Stolen Vehicle Pursuit Leads to Accident and Carjacking

Stolen Vehicle Pursuit Leads to Accident and Carjacking

By Law Offices of Okabe & Haushalter October 23, 2013

Police were pursuing a man with a passenger in an SUV that had been reported as stolen when the matter became much more complicated. The incident started and ended in downtown LA recently when officers attempted to perform a traffic stop on a vehicle that was reported stolen. The driver ignored the officers' instructions to pull over and reportedly attempted to elude police. The SUV was pursued through downtown until it crashed into a red Prius at the intersection of Third Street and Beaudry Avenue. The SUV veered off the roadway and down a grassy embankment next to the 110 Freeway. The driver ran from the scene while the injured passenger remained. No one in the Prius was harmed. The injured SUV passenger was loaded into an ambulance and transported to the hospital.

Meanwhile, police found a gun that the SUV driver allegedly tossed into the grass before running down toward the freeway. The man went up to a vehicle on the freeway and reportedly forced the female driver to drive him out of the area. Police coordinated a pursuit to follow the man in the carjacked vehicle who only got about two miles in the rush hour traffic. He eventually exited the woman's car he and surrendered to police. The unidentified car theft and carjacking suspect was first taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries sustained from the collision with the Prius. He will be taken into custody once he is released from medical care. He could receive severe punishment if convicted of the charges that may be filed against him including grand theft auto or possession of stolen property, attempting to elude police, leaving the scene of an injury accident and carjacking. Are you facing the possibility of felony theft charges or other criminal allegations? Talk to a criminal defense lawyer right away to make sure your rights are aggressively defended!

Criminal Defense Attorney Representing Clients in Los Angeles

Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges it is absolutely crucial that you enlist the representation of a skilled defender as quickly as possible. Carjacking and grand theft auto are serious felony offenses and a conviction for these charges could land you behind bars for years. Contact our excellent team at Okabe & Haushalter now to find out what we may be able to do for your case. We may be able to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed!

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