Pacific Attorney Group Articles Doctor Sentenced in Healthcare Fraud Case

Doctor Sentenced in Healthcare Fraud Case

By Pacific Attorney Group  Jan. 17, 2012 9:30a

A doctor, A.P., was recently sentenced to serve time in federal prison for his role in a Medicare scam. A.P. acted as the co-owner of a clinic in Sacramento where patients were recruited that qualified for Medicare. Individuals were asked to drive around and bring in patients to the medical clinic. The drivers were paid for each person they brought in. The majority of the patients were non-English speaking senior citizens. Fake medical charts and files were created for the people who came in to the clinic and claims for tests and treatments that were either never done or were faked were sent in to Medicare. The patients were then paid for the use of their Medicare eligibility.

The doctor involved was found to have made over $1 million in fraudulent claims and received over $600,000 from Medicare based on them. Healthcare fraud charges are very serious and you should contact a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer right away if you have been charged with any crime in California. A.P. was sentenced to over eight years in federal prison for his role in the healthcare scheme. Additionally, he was hit with obstruction of justice. This was based on trial evidence showing he manufactured evidence and lied in court.

Are you being investigated for fraud? Talk to a Los Angeles criminal attorney!

Though fraud and other white collar crimes may be considered less serious by some because it is not a violent crime, the California criminal justice system does not feel the same way by any means. Criminal prosecutors will be doing their utmost to obtain a conviction and the harsh penalties that may accompany it. That is why it is absolutely crucial that you get the help of a highly knowledgeable and competent white collar crime lawyer as soon as you become aware of any investigation taking place concerning alleged fraudulent activities. A lawyer with the Pacific Attorney Group has successfully defended clients throughout California in a variety of white collar crime cases from those concerning Medicare fraud, credit card fraud and wire fraud to forgery, identity theft and internet crimes. Don't hesitate to learn more about your legal options by working with defense attorney as soon as possible!

Contact a Los Angeles white collar crime attorney on our dedicated legal team today. There is no charge for the initial consultation.

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