The Law Office of John J. Fox Articles Bomb Threat Leads to Criminal Charges in Texas

Bomb Threat Leads to Criminal Charges in Texas

By The Law Office of John J. Fox  Feb. 6, 2014 4:01p

At Texas State University, 300 students were evacuated from a dorm early this morning due to a bomb threat. A man was arrested and charged in connection with the bomb threat. He is currently in custody in Hays County jail facing two charges of bomb hoax violations as well as resisting arrest. The students in the dorm were evacuated to a nearby recreation center so that a bomb squad could be called in. Two devices were found in the defendant's vehicle. One was determined not to be explosive while another one was and was detonated by the bomb squad.

Making false threats concerning bombs at a public or private college is a criminal offense in Texas. These public and private institutions were add to the list of places where making such threats is charged as a felony in a bill which passed in the House last year. The bill was created in response to several phony bomb threats occurring on Texas campuses in the past. In one incident at the University of Texas El Paso, approximately 20,000 students were evacuated due to someone calling in a fake bomb threat.

The criminal offense of false alarm or report is charged as a Class A misdemeanor in Texas. In some circumstances, it is charged and punished as a state jail felony.

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