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Drug Crime Crackdown in Pasadena

By Michael V. Severo  Nov. 16, 2010 4:45p

All across Nevada drug crimes are taken extremely seriously. The punishments are regularly steepened, and law enforcement constantly watches for suspicious behavior and evidence of illegal activities that will help lead them to a drug crime arrest. Being caught in possession of illegal drugs can result in serious criminal charges. These charges are often underestimated, but possession alone can lead to a misdemeanor or felony charge depending upon the type and amount of the drug. Certain drugs such as heroin, crack, cocaine and methamphetamines are especially strictly enforced. Even a miniscule amount of cocaine is an automatic felony charge, with penalties of up to 6 years or more in prison and huge fines. It is vital that you contact a Pasadena drug possession lawyer if you have been charged or arrested for drug possession.

There are many different forms of drugs, which are penalized with differing severities in the legal system. Schedule I drugs, which are highly dangerous of being abused are automatic felonies, and large amounts of any drug can also result in additional criminal charges such as possession for sale, and even manufacturing charges if manufacturing or cultivation paraphernalia is discovered. These crimes are much mores serious and can result in fines that can skyrocket to millions of dollars, and lead to 20 years or more in federal prison.

Drug Possession Lawyer in Pasadena

If you are facing criminal charges for drug possession, no matter the amount or type of drug that is alleged to have been in your possession, it is extremely advisable that you contact a criminal defense attorney with extensive legal experience regarding drug crimes and their defense. At the Law Offices of Michael V. Severo, we can assist your case by investigating the legality of the obtained evidence, the law enforcement officers involved with the case and whether or not evidence was tampered with in any way, and other defenses that may be able to help your charges be dropped or reduced.

If you are facing criminal charges, contact a Pasadena Drug Possession Attorney at our offices today for the best chance at protecting your freedom.

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