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By Thomas F. Mueller   Oct. 26, 2010 11:00a

Minors who are charged with a crime can be prosecuted as juvenile defenders before a judge who handles juvenile cases. In certain instances minors, or children who are under the age of 18, may be tried as adults for certain violent crimes under a new California law. There are many differences between juvenile and adult criminal cases. The primary differences are that a minor has no right to a trial by jury and has no right to bail. Although these may be allowed depending on special circumstances, they are not common and normally a juvenile court judge will review the case and decide the defendant's verdict.

In many cases it is possible, with the help of a skilled San Jose criminal defense lawyer, for a minor charged with a juvenile crime to receive a reduced punishment such as informal probation or community service. Without proper representation a minor can be put in a juvenile detention center up until the age of 25. If, however, a minor is given reduced sentencing, they may be put under a probation officer's supervision and the charges can be dismissed for good behavior in as little as six months.

The long-term effects of being convicted of a juvenile crime can be devastating for a child who has not yet reached or has just reached an age where job applications, monetary expenses and eventually loan applications and furthering education come into play. Missed opportunities because of a juvenile conviction are a burden no child, and no parent want to face.

Juvenile Crimes Attorney in San Jose

If your child has been charged with a juvenile crime it is vital for their future that they receive the help of an experienced aggressive attorney who will fight to defend them in every way possible, and can help to have the charges reduced or even dismissed. At the Law Office of Thomas F. Mueller we can provide the legal assistance your child needs and deserves.

Contact a San Jose Juvenile Crimes Attorney today to protect your child's future.

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