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Traffic Violations in San Jose

By Thomas F. Mueller   Oct. 25, 2010 11:05a

Traffic violations are the most common offenses in California, especially because of the congested freeways and streets throughout the state and major cities. Many violations are for minor infractions such as speeding and running red lights. If the violation involves injury to another person or property such as in a hit and run incident, the violation may be considered a misdemeanor or in more serious cases a felony.

There are many types of traffic violations, most with minor penalties such as paying a fine, but there are some which can have serious repercussions on a person's finances, and even their future. These can include: driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, failure to stop for a police officer, hit and run, vehicular manslaughter, assault with a deadly weapon (vehicle) and many other serious crimes. It is important to speak with a San Jose traffic violations lawyer if a person has been charged with a traffic violation, especially when they are misdemeanor or felony charges.

Never underestimate the long-term effects of a serious traffic violation. In some cases it may even hinder getting a new job, furthering education, or applying for loans. The emotional trauma too is extremely serious, especially when there is loss of life involved.

Traffic Violations Lawyer in San Jose

If you have been charged with a traffic violation, without correct information and proper defense you may face serious penalties which you could have otherwise have had alleviated or lifted. We at the Law Office of Thomas F. Mueller can bring the experience and knowledge you need to ensure your rights are defended and every avenue of investigation is explored. You can have peace of mind knowing that the advice we can give you is accurate, and the best possible choice for your unique case.

Contact a San Jose Traffic Violations Attorney at the Law Office of Thomas F. Mueller today.

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