The Martinez Law Firm Articles Houston Native Convicted In Fatal DWI Case

Houston Native Convicted In Fatal DWI Case

By The Martinez Law Firm  May. 1, 2013 3:50p

A man accused of causing a fatal automobile accident that led to the drowning death of a young student was convicted on multiple charges relating to the case. The jury found his defense, which argued that he was not intoxicated until after the fatal incident, unconvincing.

According to court documents connected to the criminal case, the man was allegedly intoxicated while driving his Bentley in West Palm Beach, Florida, in 2010. The man failed to stop at a stop sign, the prosecutors claimed, colliding with another vehicle. The victim, trapped inside his car, was sent plunging into a nearby canal, where he drowned before emergency responders could rescue him.

At the time of the initial arrest of the defendant by local law enforcement personnel, a BAC examination was administered upon the man. Authorities say the test showed that the defendant was intoxicated at the time of the collision, with a blood alcohol content level of more than twice the legal limit above which a driver is considered impaired, .08 percent. As a result of this evidence, police charged the man with vehicular homicide and DWI manslaughter.

In an attempt to clear his name of these charges, the Houston millionaire argued that the accident was caused when the brakes in his Bentley failed to function properly. He told the court that he was sober when the collision took place, but got out of the car in an attempt to locate the victim. He then found a misplaced bottle of liquor nearby, and began drinking from it to soothe his pain.

A jury did not believe the man's claims, and later found him guilty on both counts. He was sentenced by a judge to 16-years in prison. The family of the victim, a 23-year old student, was also represented in a civil case that sought damages for the wrongful death of their loved one. The suspect reportedly settled the case for more than $10 million.

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