The Martinez Law Firm Articles Men Arrested in Connection to Several Burglaries

Men Arrested in Connection to Several Burglaries

By The Martinez Law Firm  Sep. 17, 2012 11:27a

Three men were arrested by Houston County Sheriff's deputies recently on a variety of criminal charges. The men were being investigated after a string of car thefts and car burglaries had been reported in the area. Other incidents included a number of break-ins during which firearms were stolen. As the investigation continued several other burglaries in surrounding counties were reportedly linked to the suspects. While other charges may be pending, each of the men—two aged 18 and the third 21 years old—have been currently charged with four theft crimes. The men are being held on $55,000 bail each on misdemeanor unauthorized use of a vehicle, misdemeanor burglary of a vehicle, felony theft of a firearm and felony engaging in organized criminal activity. Get the help of a criminal defense lawyer now if you have been arrested or charged with a crime.

Theft Crime Charges Can Mean Serious Penalties

Theft crimes such as burglary, shoplifting, car theft, robbery, carjacking, identity theft, joyriding (unauthorized use of a vehicle), employee theft, possession of stolen property and many fraud crimes can result in severe penalties if a conviction is obtained. Many theft crimes are categorized depending on the value of the property allegedly stolen and the manner in which it was obtained. In general, items stolen where the value is less than $1,500 can result in misdemeanor charges. Felony charges are assessed when the property or cash value is over $1,500. The penalties for misdemeanor theft crimes can include several months in jail, hundreds in fines and restitution, community service and more. Felony offenses can mean years in prison and thousands in fines. If the alleged offense included the use of a deadly weapon, force or threats of force or bodily injury, murder or actual physical harm to another then aggravated felony charges will most likely be assessed and the penalties are very harsh.

Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

No matter how simple or complex your theft crime charges may seem it is absolutely imperative that you have a defense attorney on your side that will fight for your rights and freedom. A lawyer on our experienced team at the The Martinez Law Firm understands how important it is to our clients to get their legal situation cleared up as thoroughly as possible. Our legal team includes a former chief prosecutor which gives our clients a distinct advantage when it comes to knowing what to expect from the other side in a criminal case. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation without charge.

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