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Ohio University Student Faces Sex Crime Charges

A 19 year-old Ohio University student is currently facing four felony charges which include sexual battery and extortion.

Fatal DUI Crash Leads to 6 ½ Years in Prison for Ohio Man

Last October, an Ohio man, M. C., ended up killing another man after spending an evening going from bar to bar to have a good time with his friends.

Drama Teacher Pleads No Contest to Felony Voyeurism Charges

A former drama teacher at a private high school has been convicted of 17 felony counts of voyeurism, three misdemeanor voyeurism counts and one count of misdemeanor sexual imposition. The teacher, ...

Felony Drug Case Comes to Conclusion after Dramatic Sentencing Hearing

The case against R.M., 48, ended with the defendant screaming profanities after what was a fairly smooth court procedure. R.M. was arrested last year after officers with the Central Ohio Drug ...

“Innocent Images” Program Protects Kids from Sexual Exploitation

A national program was started up that is FBI intelligence driven involving a number of agencies for the purpose of combating child pornography and sexual exploitation over the internet and via the ...

Jewelry Theft Leads to Capture of Thieves

Last July in Columbus, a jewelry salesman had stopped outside of a restaurant after attending a trade show and was robbed while sitting inside of his car by several men.

Vehicular Manslaughter: A Sad But Not Uncommon Mistake

People make mistakes when driving and when they accidently kill another or others, charges of vehicular manslaughter may result. Criminal activity is sometimes behind vehicular manslaughter accidents ...

Prescription Drug Crimes Over the Internet

Selling prescription drugs over the internet can get one into serious trouble and result in charges for illegal drug distribution.
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